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What Do We Do?
The Shire of Trinovantia Nova is the London & Area branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism. We recreate the Middle Ages “the way they should have been”. Our focus is on pre-17th century history, particularly civilizations within, or in contact with, Europe. People choose to recreate personas, arts and objects from such wide ranging locales as bronze-age Sparta, feudal Japan, 14th century France, Renaissance Italy, Tudor England, 16th century civilizations in the Americas and many more! We “re-enact” these eras in a variety of ways: Armoured combat and Rapier tournaments and wars (though we don’t recreate historic battles; every competition is genuine), archery, costuming, calligraphy, cooking, brewing, woodworking, silversmithing, casting, singing, dance and countless other ways! Wherever your interest lies, you will find like-minded people here. The best way to see what we do is to come to one of our meetings or practices! We love to welcome new comers, and are happy to speak with you about your interests. Our Chatelaine and Seneschal are excellent people to contact with any inquiries. See our Officers page for their contact info.

The Middle Ages the way they should have been
Our focus is to let everyone choose what they recreate, and to make this open and welcoming for everyone we do not include the religious strife or health epidemics that are featured in actual history or history books. We focus instead on the positive aspects of arts, technologies, knowledge, and skills found throughout the period.

Our individual members are from nearly every belief system, and we welcome everyone.


What is the Society? What is a Kingdom?

The Society began in California in 1966 by students at Berkeley. It began with a knights’ tournament, whose winner crowned his lady the Queen of Love and Beauty. The Society, commonly referred to as the SCA has grown tremendously since then. There are more than 30,000 members (and many more who participate without a membership) world-wide. The SCA is a not-for-profit corporation, that is run by volunteers and enthusiasm. See for a lot of good info.
The SCA is broken down into 19 regions, called Kingdoms. Our Shire is in the Kingdom of Ealdormere, which is comprised of most of southern Ontario. Kingdoms, of course, have a King and Queen. Ours reign for approximately 6 months and are chosen at a special armoured combat tournament. Once an individual wins this “Crown Tourney” they crown their consort and are the Prince & Princess. Approximately 6 months later they become King and Queen. They hold court, give out awards and manage Kingdom business.
Kingdoms are broken down into smaller areas with names such as Barony, Canton, Shire, Principality, etc. the names indicate the level of autonomy, size, and associations with other groups. More info can be found on this topic at